your most beloved star bunnie


  • commissions: waitlist open

  • waitlist: ♡k, starting March

  • art trades: rarely, mutuals only

Icon Cuties

1300 x 1300px : 300 DPS


Poses are left up to me if the requested pose is too complex!

  • standard €75

  • I will simplify any complex details

click to zoom and enjoy them bigger!

Under construction !



your dreamy and playful starbun

Kiyuu is very light on her feet and barely ever touches the ground. She has no need for shoes and effortlessly travels around with her favorite socks!

Terms of Service

By ordering you agree to abide by the following TOS. Not reading these does not exclude you from them.
I do not offer payment plans

  • Last updated on: 24/04/2022

  • Clients are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of their commissioned art and or rig for non fungible tokens. Use of my art for any advertising or profits associated with non fungible tokens or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited.

  • **Only Kiyuu, **reserves the right to decline any commission or cancel at any time with a full or partial refund based on the progress made.

  • Individual slots will not be taken until I have confirmed details with the client and have decided to take on the project

  • I do NOT give refunds, unless the problem comes from my side. Ex, too much work or too complicated

  • I will not make major changes to the drawing. (redrawing a different pose, completely different outfit, etc)

  • I will not be responsible for making changes if you have an unclear or blurry reference. Please ensure your references are of clear quality before ordering.

  • I only accept € : EUR. Currency rates change daily, check your exchange rate beforehand to avoid surprises.

  • My main payment platform is stripe. I may take paypal money however there will be a 5% increase on your CMs.

  • I will not begin your commission until I can confirm the payment has been made. Orders with payments not sent within 48H will be cancelled.

  • Once payment has been received you no longer may cancel your order, no exceptions.

  • You have the right to request updates on your commission. Please understand that I am also a full time student and have other obligations outside of art, but I will do my best to deliver your commission in a timely manner.

  • I will always communicate any delays !

  • Alternate versions include: versions with different expressions, hairstyles, outfits, etc. and can be requested for an additional fee Minor alterations such as expression changes, can be requested at any phase of the commission process Price will vary based on the type of alternate version requested and the number of versions requested.

  • Revisions can be requested during the WIP phase Up to 3 minor revisions (ex. color change, small detail change) are allowed Up to 1 major revision (ex. pose change) is allowed Mistakes on my end will be fixed for free and will not count towards the allowed revisions.

Usage TOS

  • You may use your commission for any personal uses such as profile icon, forum signatures, page decoration and so on.

  • You MAY NOT use your commission for any commercial purposes, to produce merchandise, or in any means to make profit. Unless discussed beforehand with me and paid with commercial right + fees.

  • You may repost the art you’ve ordered with proper credit and links to my twitter account. Watermarked version preferred.


  • You are not allowed to take credit for the drawing in any way or retrace it.

  • I hold the rights to any commissioned images and may use it in any way I see fit.

  • Promoting myself, reposting, portfolio etc. I will never use your commissioned artwork to produce merchandise or to make profit.

Bust Up

2000 x 2000px : 350 DPI

Starting at €140 You will receive:
1 Transparent PNG + 1 Simple background

Chibi model

2000 x 2000px : 350 DPI

Please click the see more ▸ button below to have more information regarding the chibi models !

Full illustrations

depends on each project and size

Please click the see more ▸ button below to have more information regarding illustrations!


To commission, you must be aware of these terms.
Please do not skip these.

Cutie Icons

1200 x 1200px : 300 DPI

Starting at €55 You will receive:
1 Transparent PNG + 1 Simple background

1920 x 1080px : 350 DPI for background


1300 x 1300px : 200 DPI

€75 per chibi ** ▸** extras will be additional fees
complex details will be simplified!


500 x 500 px : full sized

€50 per emote ** ▸** extras will be additional fees
complex details will be simplified!


This is my style outside of cute, small portfolio to show my range

Bust Up

2000 x 2000px : 350 DPI


Please keep my art style in mind when you commission me !

  • Starting at €140 base price

  • Extra detail or complex + €5-10

  • Extra character + €140

You will also receive a watermarked version. Please credit me whenever you upload on any platform

Icon Cuties

1200 x 1200px : 300 DPI


They come in a hoodie or in original clothes depending on complexity

  • standard €60

  • I will simplify any complex details

click to zoom and enjoy them bigger!


you will receive the following

  • 1 Transparent PNG with watermark

  • 1 Transparent PNG without watermark

  • 1 One sticker version with a white border


💌 14 JULI・21.00 GMT+1・(9PM)
2 slots ・August and September
The form will be open for 14 days or until all 2 spots are full!
✦ Please turn on my notifs on twitter or DM a spot request ✦

Chibi Models

I offer ready to use care package together with YoshinoArt. When ordering the care package I will send your model directly to Yoshino to get rigged. You will of course be given the PSD afterwards! Chibi care package is €1300
My model art only is €650

Mascot designs follow different pricing systems
Please email or DM me for the settling the price!

Extra toggles

Keep in mind Yoshino’s rig fees for toggles are different from mine!

  • 1 expression + €25 - 30

  • 1 Arm toggle + €50 - 90

  • tongue tracking + €8

  • extra hairstyle + €150 - 250

  • extra outfit + €150 - 250

  • naked body base + €100

  • concept design + €150-250

Naked bases help a lot with multiple outfit designs.
Ex. seasonal outfits for Christmas or Halloween!

⚠️ Deposits and cancellations

Late payments NOT tolerated (7+ days)
These will result in an extra fee of €50
The following is required:
▸Deposit of 50% to be waitlisted
▸Second 50% to start our project
▸Resulting in 100% paid upfront
I designate you to a certain month and dedicate that month to drawing your chibi.
If you cancel on me 15 days before your month, I will keep the 50% waitlist deposit. If you cancel on me 30 days before your month, I will keep the 25% waitlist deposit to pay transaction fees.

Why does Kiyuu keep the 50% deposit?
I only accept a certain amount of chibi applications. Once all months are filled I close the application. When you are waitlisted I organize all chibi applicants to a month as well as take on less regular work.
If you cancel on me not only have you taken up the slot, but also deny me financial clarity and waste my time. Leading me to not have the right amount of commissions to keep me above water the following month. I will have to open new slots last moment with no guarenteed clients to make up for the missing money. Hence I will keep 50% for atleast some financial security.

I beg for your understanding please..

(written with frustration ...)

Star Credits

Thank you for motivating me and helping me bring Kiyuu to life
** .°(ಗдಗ。)°. **

SuitsuEmotes + Logo
Suitsuroom + chibis
KlukklesMy 1st ever supporter
AlistairLore aid
YoshinoArtModel rig
NyctoBGM memory of innocence
HallopikiBGM a nightlight
KevinBGM twinkle star
  • contain links to the artist profile

  • Please go support the angels who helped bring my Starbunnie dream to life !

KiyuubunsModel art 2.0
SofteafairyRuffle panels
mwilkyluuEnding screen art
LittobugPumpkin YCH
Pixel940Pixel EGG

Usage Tiers

NOTE: All commissions are personal use by default. Adding a usage to a commission can be done at any time. Please contact me.

UsageTier 1Tier 2
Asset+ 25%
Merchandise+ 100%+ 150%
  • Tier 1: printed products or digital goods

  • stickers, prints, posters, photocards and digital wallpaper distribution

  • Tier 2: small non-paper physical goods

  • keychains, pins, standees, shirts etc.

Usage types

  • Personal: Use of art for non-monetized purposes.

  • icon, header, not-for-sale merch

  • Asset: use of art on monetized sites and content.

  • Twitch, Youtube and other websites

  • Merchandise: use of art to sell physical or digital goods.

  • prints, stickers, keychains, shirts, etc.

  • Please don’t hesitate to ask me if things are unclear, I’m here to help!

Commission Forms

Please click the pink button for email forms
Use form below for Twitter DMs

  • Email (for finished CM)

  • CM Type:

  • Character Reference:

  • preferably in one file, google docs or drive

  • Mascot references: (optional)

  • pet, animal, familiar, plush

  • Special Requests:

  • pose, expression, prop, alternate versions

  • Usage Type:

  • personal / asset / merchandise

  • Other Information: (optional)

  • Vtube art tag or private CMs until certain date

NOTE: my main payment platform is STRIPE
Paypal use is +5% of the CM as per my T.O.S